Co je to?
Church I See

‘low maintenance, high impact people, with a right attitude to everything’

The Church I see… is Christ centered, purpose driven and people empowering. They are committed to effectively communicating the life of God and the message of the Gospel to as many levels of society as practically possible. They proclaim the gospel powerfully in a language that can be understood by those it has been sent to reach, and communicate an essential, life changing, relevant message, equipping people for victorious living.

It is a body of empowered believers who don’t just follow but carry the vision and outwork it with their own personal gifts. It is a church with one vision but many dreams. They activate these dreams by going beyond what they have already mastered. It is a church that is in a constant state of becoming and builds whatever is required to facilitate what it is becoming. They demonstrate the love of God by extravagant blessing on every occasion.

The church I see is both numerically large and spiritually strong. They are low maintenance, high impact people, with a right attitude to everyone and everything. They live life with infectious enthusiasm. The place where they get together is warm and welcoming, exciting and fulfilling. Their city is blessed because of them!

The Rock is, and will continue to become, the CHURCH I SEE!

Anthony Chapman
Senior Leader