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Noble House

‘old habits, beliefs and fears are being cleansed, liberated and redeemed’

The Rock Church is a group of people who have submitted to a deep desire to follow God with all their hearts. They do not profess (or pretend) to be perfect Christians but they understand that there is a journey from slavery to spiritual wholeness. They recognize their need for God’s mercy and through an incredible cooperation of human choice and Amazing Divine Grace, that homeward journey, like the prodigal, can be successfully achieved.

The Rock Church is a Noble House. It is easy to behave nobly in easy times. The truly noble are those who in times of difficulty, betrayal and pain, maintain their integrity, maturity and compassion. They do not write people off, turn their backs or point their finger in judgement, but they point to the Cross, the agent of change. They are forgiven people who seek to walk in forgiveness to others, loved people who are learning to love one another as they have been loved by God.