Life Lessons

Each week in communicating Life we endeavor to...

introduce the Christ of the bible in a way, and also a language, that can be understood by those who we have been sent to reach. Anthony Chapman is an awesome speaker and makes no apology for calling a spade a spade!


In a short, sharp to the point life lesson he will challenge your thinking and offer practical workable spiritual solutions to present day problems. Are you being eaten away by unforgiveness? Are you so offended that it’s actually making you ill? Have unfulfilled expectations left you feeling tortured? Many of us struggle with physical and psychological issues because we have not been willing to give the part of us that is spiritual the attention it requires. As we allow the word of God to bring ALL our parts together we can experience wholeness and the peace that comes with it. Anthony’s prophetic approach leaves you thinking he was speaking just to you…but then He is!


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Life Lessons