Under 16s

LifeZone (5yrs - 11yrs)


LIFEZONE 1 Saturday 3pm-5pm in `Academy Hall'
LIFEZONE 2 Saturday 7:30 - 8:00 in `Academy Hall'


Are you 5-11 years old? Do you wanna live the best life EVER? Then LIFEZONE is THE place to be! It's the `Biggest party in York' every week and we know how to PARTY! We have a WICKED LIVE BAND, GIANT BOUNCY CASTLE, HUGE VIDEO SCREEN, CRAZY CHARACTERS and MESSY GAMES!


Do you wanna be a superhero? We think that God made us to be SUPERHEROES and that's why every week we learn how to fight Enemy weapons like `I'm scared' `I'm bored' and `I'm ugly!' with God's weapons to make sure that we live life to the full every day and can bless the world!


Do you like winning prizes? Well we give away loads of prizes every week at LIFEZONE and if it's your 1st time we'd like to send you home with a FREE LIFEZONE CD jam packed with your favourite tunes from LIFEZONE... you'll love it!

Sample Songs

Because I'm Worth It






Communicating Life