Pillars has always been more than just a fabulous self service coffee bar...

with its comfy leather sofas, flat screen TV and delicious grub. It is actually the place where you get your first real `taste' of what the Rock is all about. Quite literally, as you walk in, the sights, sounds and smells create the sign `Excellence Found Here' and fairly and squarely, hits you between the eyes and leaves a lasting impression. Friendships, relationship building and serving each other is such a massive part of the Rocks ethos that Pillars is what you could call first base of the Rock Experience. That's why our `service' starts at 4.00pm onwards (last orders 5.30pm) and continues, just in a different format, when we go into the main auditorium at 6.45pm for Communicating Life.

Wi-Fi access is also available in Pillars.


Co je to?

Communicating Life