Why Saturday?

The Rock holds its main family service, ‘Communicating Life’ on Saturdays!


Why would you want to do that? I hear you asking. Well there‘s no great mystery here, its quite simply, so you can come and check us out!


The Church, like all businesses, who are seeking to attract new clientele, must keep up with the times, and quite honestly, Sunday morning at 10.30 isn’t the ‘time’ anymore and hasn’t been for some time either. Ok, if you are already a God follower and you don’t like your Sundays messing with, then we’re sorry but the church as an organisation doesn’t exist for those who are in it (although those who are in it act and think as though it does!) It’s actually more about making God accessible to those who aren’t. Why the church insists on putting on its service at a time when people don’t want to come, just beats me. In fact, on a Sunday morning at 10.30, the streets are virtually empty, other than the faithful going to their various places of worship, but one could rightly say, churches are really preaching to the converted.


So is it about convenience then? Making it convenient for you it is. Doesn’t it make sense for us to be doing our thing when others are doing theirs?


When stuffs going on, we want to be going on! In the market place of ‘places to go’ in York, the Rock can certainly compete as a place of entertainment, socialising and learning– the Rock can truly hold its own.


Here at the Rock we certainly don’t just keep doing the same thing out of tradition. As the saying goes, only a fool does the same thing today as he did yesterday and expects a different result. We want to make it as easy as possible for you, that’s if you want to of course, to connect with the life of God and experience something that just could just possibly change your life forever.


So this is how it is! Our main service is at 6.45 on Saturdays. Not too early as to disrupt your day and stop you doing what you need to do. Not too late so you can bring your kids along too and there‘s
still enough of your evening left to do other stuff. A full programme of age related activities is provided for children 1 – 11 years of age during ‘Communicating Life’ life lesson. (Lifezone kids 5 – 11, starts 3pm). And for the icing on the cake, why not make a reservation for a family meal deal in Pillars from 4.30– 6.00pm. See, we’ll even do the dinner for you! So, c’mon, no more excuses. It couldn’t be simpler; the Rock Experience is waiting for you and your family.


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Communicating Life

Why Saturday?