There are many things that happen in `church'...


that one could quite rightly assume that all churches are the same. For example, it would be fair to say that one would find that singing, praying and preaching are common practice and ceremonies such as communion take place on a regular basis. So what is it then that we feel, makes the Rock, Unconventional by Design?


Jesus once said to the Pharisees, who were staunch upholders of tradition in their time, that “their traditions had made the power of God of no effect”! Phew! Strong stuff! What did he mean? Why can traditions be so problematic!


There is a story about a lady who, every time she prepared a joint of meat to roast, would cut two inches off the end of the piece, before placing it in her roasting tin. When asked why she did this, her reply was simply, `My mother has always done it this way'. When some research was done however, into why Mother had done it that way, it turned out that she had a good reason - her roasting tin was too small to hold the roast! Funny you may say, but this is simply how traditions are born, handed down the generations and upheld, yet often over time, the reason behind it, no longer being valid. Basically she now just did it without thinking, but what for?


While at the Rock we hold some traditions, we certainly can't be called `traditional' because those traditions do not hold us! Our unconventionality is our purposeful determination to keep the traditions we do hold, in such a way that allows the incredible power of God to be seen, embraced and experienced by all those who are serious about an encounter with Him.


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