Co je to?

Hey Girls!

Have you ever wanted to belong to a fabulous group of women who you
could just be yourself with, have fun with, connect with, share with, and
perhaps most importantly, make a difference to your world with? Well!
Here is your opportunity! Let me introduce you to Rock Chicks!

Rock Chick women are edgy, passionate, and relevant to today’s society.
They are extravagant and prepared to step up and stand out. Basically, they are women
of substance. In every way, they have something to give... and what they have received,
they are eager to pass on!

God had some great things in mind when he created women. On our own... we’re great but just think
when we all hook up together with a common purpose, how awesome and amazing the collective
result could be! We’d love you to be a part of this.

Meet the Rock Chick team after communicating life at 8.30. We’d love to have a coffee and a chat.

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