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Spin Comments by Francesca Penty

I’ve been guilty of putting a spin on things in my life. Could a Christian be seen to have problems? Having irrational fears, worrying about real problems, going through marriage troubles, panicking about money were not something I thought would make a good advert for God, so I put a lid on it.

What a massive hypocrite that made me! I’m not sure how convincing I appeared but I wasn’t fooled and felt anxious and wound up a lot of the time. It’s not the keeping of rules or the putting on a good show that leads people to see God but when you show them your failures and can say “but then God did this”.

I had a friend last night with me and I turned and asked if he’d got what Chris had just said, he said he hadn’t. I told him that what she meant was none of the list of supposed “sins” kept you away from God, we are loved regardless. Now as Chris said, this can disappoint some that want to be in a club, because what’s the point of one without an admissions policy? To some being in the same position as everyone else makes them feel faceless. They’re wrong. Living in the kingdom means your uniqueness can be celebrated and not hidden: not contorted into someone else’s ideals.

As He just is the great I Am, we can just be.

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