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Take My Advice

Take My Advice Comments by Francesca Penty

Tonightís preach made me think of parenting; in the way Anth and Chris parent the church, God parents us and we parent our children. As we each watch our kids go through life we see the pitfalls that are before them, often because we fell into them ourselves. Because we desperately love our kids and want to protect them from hurt and bad choices we want to give advice.

Iíve often heard other parents say that they would rather go through something unpleasant themselves than watch their children go through it. It is frustrating when our advice isnít taken and we see what we hoped we wouldnít happen. God gives us many opportunities to hear His advice through friends, reading and talking with Him, and as a parent I can see how He must feel when I donít take it. It really helps me to think of how I feel towards my children, how I hate to tell them off as I know they wonít like me for it, but how I have to to make them learn the ways that will bring them a better way of living because of how much I love them, and think of how much more God feels that way towards me.

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