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Compassion or Confrontation

Compassion or Confrontation Comments by Francesca Penty

On first sight there does seem to be a change of character between the two stories Anth preached on tonight, despite them being adjacent in John 2.

The first showing the loving, kind nature of Jesus, who cares about the details in our lives, and the second a fiery, violent outburst from Him as He trashes the stalls at the temple. If you look at the motivation behind the two incidents it starts to make sense. Both come from the same spirit of love and passion for people. Neither of the stories are about good people deserving a gift and the bad deserving rebuke, all Jesus wants from both is to show the truth and the way. Anth spoke about how sometimes a catastrophe can be a wake-up call to revaluate what we believe, what we’re doing with it and if we’ve fallen into routines and rituals to get us back on track. Sometimes a shakeup is what we need to save our lives.

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