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If You Want to Truly Live

If You Want to Truly Live Comments by Francesca Penty

Iíve been reading through Acts and particularly about Paul and Silas travelling around spreading the good news. If any two guys knew about the three things Anth talked about tonight it was them. They were beaten as a matter of course as they moved around cities.

It is just stated like a normal daily event for them. Stripped, beaten, thrown into jail, humiliated and discredited first I guess it went. Yet they still were singing praises on a night from their cells. The steadfastness in which they stuck to their mission must have impressed the people who were won over. These men were not showing how life could be easy with God but demonstrated that the joy that came from knowing Jesus remained in all circumstances. Paulís life had changed so dramatically from being a persecutor of Jesus followers to a disciple only a change of heart could be the answer.

I do believe that sharing the experiences we go through are the best way of communicating Gods love for us to others. It tests our faith and what our faith is in. There is nothing that helps more than to know someone else has gone through whatís happening to you and itsí a great gift that we can pass on.

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