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Where’s Your Comma?

Where’s Your Comma? Comments by Francesca Penty

Last week I told my kids that if a flea bit the cat it would die, and couldn’t understand why they shrieked in horror.

When I told them I meant the flea would die as the cats had been treated with flea poison they all went ‘ah’. So this episode was running through my mind as Anth preached tonight. It made me realise it can be a big issue where we put the emphasis in what we say and believe.

It also pulled me up on having given up hope on some areas in my life God had made changes in but I didn’t feel were resolved. I’d told myself that this was my lot and my job was to ‘take up my cross daily’ and get on with it regardless. That’s not what’s been spoken over my life; I’m promised that ‘he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion’. One of the best things about being a disciple of Jesus is getting up each day not knowing or having to worry about what’s coming your way because He’s with you and can handle anything in the most creative ways. Life’s meant to be exciting and I don’t want to forget that.

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