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Stuck in The Middle With You

Stuck in The Middle With You Comments by Francesca Penty

I was talking to a friend last week whoís going through a rough patch and we were saying how one of the hardest things was not knowing how or when this chapter would end. It was the lack of control she felt that was making her feel vulnerable on top of everything else. Yet Anth pointed out on Saturday night that Joseph, of the multi-coloured coat fame, was given information from God in a dream on how his life would pan out and it caused him havoc.

Even now looking back at some of the things Iíve faced, if I had known at the beginning how long it would be hard for, or what twists and turns were coming, I donít think Iíd have got out of bed! Anth talked a lot about the Ďmiddle bití being a stage where the real work on us is done. Itís in the thick of it when we are given just enough to get through each day where we will see how God moves mountains to give us what we need to win each tiny battle and make it through. Out the other side is a new reality which is all the sweeter for having gone through the refining process.

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