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Love Comments by Francesca Penty

A song came on the radio today that I like to sing to my daughter, its Stevie Wonderís ĎIsnít she Lovelyí. Itís all about the love he feels for his newborn baby girl.

After Joelís poignant (and hilarious) illustrations Saturday night of how God looks at each of us individually and thinks how amazing we are I thought about God singing it to me. I have to admit I felt very uncomfortable at first, I find it a lot easier to imagine anyone else being the object of Godís love, warts and all, but itís a different story when itís me. I kept going with it and one of the lines in the song Ďmade by loveí made me smile as I am made from His love, itís the reason Iím here. Iíve served my purpose before I do anything, which just makes me want to please the one who made me to be loved.

Chris once told us in a preach to all put our hand on our hearts and say ĎIts goodí and it was a great declaration over ourselves to admit God loves us as we are and allís well with us. Sometimes we need to make it personal and accept we may not always feel worthy but are always loved.

Listen to the message "Outrageous Love" here




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