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Revising Your Map

Revising Your Map Comments by Francesca Penty

One of the biggest lessons I have learned as a Christian is to be more adaptable. Nothing would have put me more in a foul mood than plans going awry.

From people being late, children being ill to Tesco not having the right ingredient, if it meant change to something Iíd looked forward to I would go from disappointment to a bad, sulky mood. Even worse if something comes along that rocks the nice little plan you see your life following.

Joel talked about having had a map for his life as a child that he believes is due for an overhaul now. The comforting thing about having a map to follow is that you think you know where it ends. Having Jesus walking through life with you means you donít need to know the end because He does, and He has your back. If you find youíre in a situation you didnít expect to, although the path may be different it is constant if you are following Christ who will always lead you in the right direction. Of course if your map is to follow wherever God leads you youíre in a win win situation!

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