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Faith, Godís Love Language

Faith, Godís Love Language Comments by Francesca Penty

I know Iíve been guilty of thinking something hasnít happened because I didnít believe enough. But, since Iíve grasped the fact that itís not by acts we are saved, I need to change my way of thinking.

Looking back I can see how had some of my prayers been answered I would have suffered for it and how some are being answered in different and slower ways than I had hoped for. I listened to a message the other day which talked about us wanting a Ďdrive-throughí breakthrough as we can get everything so fast in our society. That doesnít really require a lot of faith; itís more an order service! Anth said that the opposite of belief was not unbelief but rather living by sight alone. One rests on our judgement and the other on Jesus. The first has made me offended, hurt, make wrong choices and wasted hours on worrying, the latter has been solid as a rock.

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