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Stepping Up

Stepping Up Comments by Francesca Penty

I have to admit that when Anth talks about ‘taking your place at the table’ or having a ready heart for Gods work I get a bit nervous.

I’m the first to admit that the trials I’ve been through have all been used for good when I’ve let God enter into them. And I’m glad life has shaken me up and I need not feel scared of what’s coming next anymore. However to be asked, like Mary, up front to take on such an enormous task would stretch anyone’s nerve. There doesn’t seem to be anywhere in any of my bibles where Mary asks the angel if her life will be at risk, if she’ll be ostracised for being pregnant before marriage or even if Joseph is on board with this. She really does just leave all the planning to God and accepts the bit she’s been asked to do. In the moment she says yes and on that one choice a whole world is saved.

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