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There are some people who say we should read the Bible like any other book. Sounds good. So some of us give it a try only to find ourselves bogged down in what seems to the uninitiated, a quagmire of law, history, poetry and Jewish Nationalism. It can be difficult to understand and even more so difficult to apply its principles to one’s life!

Trouble is, the Bible isn’t like any other book? It might look dull, and some of it, like Numbers, is dull, but truthfully, it is a book that has probably had more impact on our civilisation than any other book in history. But how do twenty-first century men and women, with all their hang ups make head or tail of it?

Every alternate Wednesday, In Deep gives us an opportunity to have the Bible explained. It is a fascinating book. Beneath the surface is a wealth of wisdom waiting to be revealed. It is a book about real life. It’s about people who are believing one minute and unbelieving the next, the innocent, the guilty, heroes, villains, those in hope and those in despair. Basically it’s about us! God speaking directly to us through people, events and experiences of the past in order to have a relationship with you, in the present!






Nearly three years ago, we started at Genesis 1 and we have still only got to 1st Samuel (9 books into the Old Testament!), over 60 messages, all of which are available to hire from the Rock’s Resource CD Library. That just shows you how much there is to talk about. Why not come and Dive In Deep!

“In Deep has helped me understand the Bible in a way I would have struggled to manage on my own.”

Clare Nelson - Scenic Artist

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